Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Indian Job Market 2009!

The current work scene in India is not very encouraging as well as worldwide. The case is the same for blue collar workers and white collars. Blue collar workers need to improve their skills in training. Most blue-collar jobs as workers and temporary workers in the unorganized sectors. But even though many of them around, is not to have many job opportunities.

The employability of these workers should also be considered. To remedy this shortcoming, the government has tied up with institutes for vocational and technical training to upgrade several of the employees in these skills.

A few months ago, the labor market for white collar, was booming. All students, even before the exam had a job waiting for Entry Level. He came to choose the company based on several factors, such as salaries, benefits offered, the potential for growth, the type of training which it offers, if you get opportunities outside the office and security overall course of employment, that work will could offer.

Same was the case with hands of experience. If you are dissatisfied with their working conditions or his manager all I had to do was float your resume to a few consultants, and the country itself would have a new job even before they can get, "said Jack Robinson. Each company was in the way of reforms, and they need a lot of people. The actual dropout rates were high and nobody was left unemployed for long.

But given the scenario of a recession in the U.S. things do not seem the same anymore. Each company is to reduce costs and make every penny go the long way. What better way then to reduce the number of employees and has only enough people to do the job. Therefore, no buffer personnel waiting in the wings, and the people who are waiting on the bench anymore. Although the BPO and ITES services still need people, but most of them are in the input level only. If you are an experienced person who is not much offered.

The industries are considered the industries in the sunrise and a couple of months ago, is not that. So industries like real estate, financing, insurance is not currently hiring. The same is true in the automotive industry as well. There are not many new buyers, and therefore, manufacturing has slowed.

Consider what happened in the aviation industry. Unprecedented fuel costs and the waves were felt everywhere. When management can not be reduced or appropriate size, as they call to get rid of temporary and contract employees on grounds of legal consequences that would meet them reinstated them. But before a vacation with pay revisions, especially drivers.

Cuts and pink slips are here to stay. There are some companies to opt for a golden handshake for their employees and now continue with most of the time contract jobs. Although there are plenty of legal regulations in place for employers to have a tendency to always find a way out.

Some of the IT companies that have issued letters of support for candidates differed from them. They have asked to wait for the statement that I have new projects and staff on hand can easily manage projects.

Although some foreign companies still seem to continue to flock to India's cost advantage is certainly not a visible melt down.

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