Tuesday, February 16, 2010


If you are a part-time job network marketer or any type of businessman under the umbrella home based business and has been in business for at least 90 days, you may have already discovered one of the major daily challenges of making time for your business. So you can know how this will be particularly challenging, and even encouraging, when you factor in job, family, and even eating and sleeping. But there are many people in this industry who started part time, now full time and successful, indicating that it is possible those who really want it.

1. Reprioritize your life – What things are you willing to give up temporarily for the sake of your business. Granted balance is important, but depending on what your goals are for your business, would sacrifice to be made. A popular ranking, as many in this exact order are 1) God / religious / spiritual affiliation, if any 2) Family 3) Business (for those who wish to leave the corporate rat race). Everything else can put a damper on until you live your dreams.

2. Treat your business like a business – Famous words in this industry is true: Respect your business as a business and your company will pay you as a trade in your business as a hobby, it will take you as a hobby. By making your business a high priority, it will get you what you are looking for quickly.

3. Schedule – How many hours / days you work your business all the time? How many hours do you use on personal development a week? A nice and proposed ballpark number of hours per week on a part-time job network marketer is between 10-20 hours / week marketing, arguably one hour of training, and 1-2 hours a day on personal development. Designate certain times / days that your business will be "open and shut," and actually be open and close when you are suppose to be. Disclaimer: How much time you decide to place for business and personal development is up to the desired level, and how fast you want to get there.

4. Leverage Your Time –Figure out a way how you can leverage your time to get the most bang for your time buck. Examples could be anything from having your children put fliers on cars and passing out your business cards, learning and investment in automated marketing methods such as pay-per-click ads on email marketing lead with e-mail sent and e-mail Auto Reply (you need to learn first!), and free classifieds, listening to personal development and trainings recorded multiple times (by car to and from work, while brushing your teeth or while you fall asleep), instead of reading; delegate house chores, cooking, errands and other members of the family members or hire someone cheap to do these things for you.

5. Be consistent, it goes back to treat your business like a business. To see growth, both financially and personally, you have to be persistent and consistent, whether you like it or not. Even when you've had a bad day, you have to do moment by moment choice to work your business and not be distracted. Their desire is always to outweigh everything else going on.

6. Focus on marketing a very critical time management for part-time network

Marketer is to spend most of your business time on actual marketing. Training requires webinars, seminars and meetings are important, but it is possible to earn while you learn. Also working on projects that create the perfect business card, perfect your personalized homepage with frills and excitement, and only listen to training calls during "business hours" after having been in operation for one month is not working your business.

7. Plan your work and work your plan - Create a set list of tasks you want to achieve in the opening hours of each day. For example, you decide that in the 2 hours when it is open to doing 20 live calls with leads, write 2 articles about article marketing, spend an hour to do 3-way call to your team members and the second hour call people from your list; split test two Pay Per Click Ads. The next day, you can create a new marketing method, or do the same methodology from the previous day. If by chance you do not finish in whatever time block you have for your business that day, use your discretion whether to stop or continue until the task is completed. After all, it is your business.

8. Track your progress -Take good notes during your marketing time to decide what is and what is not working for you. This is to avoid wasting more time later, and to keep you moving forward. For example, suppose you call people from a list, make sure that the list is endless with lots of prospects, so that 1) you are never in the lead, poverty and 2) you do not spend too much time with them, are not serious about your options, because you do not impoverish the driver. In another scenario, tried to start if you are marketing online and researching keywords that can put your content on the first page of a search engine home page, a spreadsheet to organize all the keywords you tested how many times your keyword / day and how much content is pulled up on that keyword in the search engine.

Time is really invaluable especially since we do not know how much time we have on this earth. But it would be an injustice to yourself and your do not want to find a way to fit in time for your business. Remember that many have been where you are now and were able to have dreams come into realization. Success is up to you. You have to take full responsibility for your business. By having a burning desire and perseverance, you will get the reason for starting this business.

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