Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pia expresses her experience with Ajith in Aegan123

Piaa-Bajpai-018Pia who had acted in Poi Solla Porom, Aegan and Goa was in cloud nine because of the success of the film Goa. While speaking to the media she recently said that Ajith was her favourite actor. She said,” It was a very nice experience working with Ajith in Aegan.

The first day shooting of Aegan took place in Yercaud. I have heard about Ajith sir but I have not met him personally. When I alighted at Yercaud for shooting, everyone was speaking about Ajith. I will not always go and introduce myself to big actors for the fear that they will not respond properly.

So I was standing in a corner. Ajith who noticed this came to me and introduced himself to me. I really felt so bad. So I told him the reason for not introducing myself to him and also apologized. He took this very sportive and said its okay. But in Mumbai it is different.

From that day Ajith sir is my favourite actor. Currently I am acting in Bale Pandiya. I am donning a role of a modern girl in this film settled from abroad. Vishnu who had acted in Venilla Kabadi Kuzhu is pairing with me in this film. Mithra Media Siddarth is directing this film. This is his first film.”

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