Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trisha and Shreya bcame frds within 5 minutes

Trisha while speaking about her friendship with Shreya said,” I met Shreya for the first time at the shooting of Ennaku 20 Unakku 18.

You wouldn’t believe. We became friends within 5 minutes. Nobody can bear the pranks of Shreya. If we are busy at the shooting spots we will chat on the online.

If she comes to Chennai, she will visit me at home. Once when she came to my house, she was a wearing a cute shoe. I told her I liked it very much. After she went to Mumbai, I received a parcel from her. She had sent me the same kind of shoe I liked. She somehow managed to get hold of the same type of shoe and parceled it to me.

Photography is Shreya’s hobby. She will always be carrying a digi camera in her hand. She will click all our pranks and the next day she will mail it to me with the caption sweet memories. There is no chance for jealously or competition among us.

”Shreya while speaking about her friendship with Trisha said,’ Trish is very friendly. It is really wonder if one does not become a friend of her. If I am in Mumbai I will be roaming with Reema Sen. If In Chennai I will go out withTrisha. Trisha does not like cinema gossips if we go for a party.

Because of this there will not be much talk about cinema. She never misses my cinema premieres. Though many actors will be attending the premiere, my eyes will search forTrisha to get her opinion. She came exclusively for a day from Mumbai to attend Jaggubhai premiere for my sake.”

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